"I had heard for years how bad the sand fleas or no-seeums were at Parris Island, SC, and that Skin So Soft was the best bug repellent known to man.  Being a skeptic I refused to believe that anything that didn't smell like bug repellent actually worked.  After moving to South Carolina myself and battling sand fleas, unsuccessfully, I got online and ordered some Skin So Soft Bug Guard plus.  This stuff IS the best bug repellent I have ever used."

 -  Brian P., General Outdoorsman, South Carolina

"I spend a lot of time outside, and this is
the only thing that seems to work for no-seeums and mosquitos.  I highly recommend this product for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors."

-  Jim E., Youth Sports Coach, Virginia

"Skin So Soft is the best!  I hate coming in from outdoors smelling like bug spray and used to make my poor children sit on the floor or shower and change before they could sit on the furniture.  Now,
I use this product on them almost daily during the warmer seasons and I feel like it is the same as putting on regular lotion but with all the benefits.  No more mosquito bites and no more sitting on the floor."

-  Donna M., Home Maker, South Carolina

"I first used Skin So Soft when I was in boot camp in Parris Island years ago.  We mixed regular Skin So Soft with water and put it on to repel the sand fleas and mosquitoes.  I had no idea that there was now a formula called Skin So Soft Bug Guard plus that is designed for this use.  I bought the Expedition Insect Repellent spray and Gentle Breeze Insect Repellent Lotion, and have been extremely pleased with the results.
I am sold for life!"

-  Aaron D., Sportsman, Florida 
Best Bug Repellent
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